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Born Greece (Kavala, 1988), lives and works in London, UK.

The art practice of Konstantinos Papacharalampos focuses on poetry and performance art, creating visual poems, digital prints, and live experiences that explore the future as an index of simultaneous mutations. He is particularly interested in exploring the ways and possibilities, existing or imaginative, where technological advances, the environment and human rights create (or restrict) a balance of co-existence. This exploration is a continuous work in progress and he refers to it as ‘neo-futurism’. The element of space is key in his research and his explores its relationship with the body and performance art, poetic language, technology, sound, and scent.

Konstantinos is the author of four poetry books in Greek and one in English; Exchange: a neo-futurist idiom mapping (Hesterglock Press, 2020). Exchange maps a transformation of language, body, and land into neo-futurist DNA. Structured as hybrid of poetry, text-based art, maps and illustrations, Exchange takes the reader/performer through possibilities of expanding futures, exploring times where mortality of world citizens is radically replaced with help from surveying-based linguistics.

Greek poetry publications by Konstantinos include K – On, Είναι [Íne], 3: Ανθρώπων Ιστορία [3: Anthrópon Istoría] and Ζεστό Σώμα [Zestó Sóma/ Warm Body]. K – On (Entefktírio, 2011) is an interactive project using topology and minimalism to facilitate new starts in a futuristic city. Είναι (FRMK, 2015) is a meditation dot-based object-book exploring life and death happening simultaneously. 3: Ανθρώπων Ιστορία (Koukounári, 2018) is a hybrid pop project about ego repetition in social media. ‘3’ was commended at the EBGE (Graphic Design & Illustration) 2019 Awards and exhibited at MOMus - Museum of Contemporary Art (Greece). Ζεστό Σώμα (Koukounári, 2021) is a text/comment on the sense of smelling; a performative exploration from childhood to the stars.

Performance work by Konstantinos combines poetry with visual arts. Commissioned by Philippi Festival in 2019 he created, directed, and performed Odysseus, give me a like, an alternative deconstructed version of the ancient Greek epic, searching for next door's Odysseus in the social media era and advocating an inner state of innocence. Commissioned by Philippi Festival in 2021 Konstantinos created, directed, and performed The Shark, a dialogue with the poem of the same name by Greek national poet Dionysios Solomos, exploring a historic and an imaginative relationship between humans and nature, focusing on scents and language. 

In 2021 Konstantinos was also supported by MOMus - Experimental Center for the Arts and Goethe Institut for his new piece Kinisis-AB, a ceremony of space and time, in the shape of a live index-map, that seeks human fulfillment through social and ecological assertions. The piece, blending poetry, sounds, felt and paint, was created to celebrate 100 years since birth of Joseph Beuys. 

Other commissioned work includes poem/song Samsara, a personal take on cycle of rebirth, a result of close collaboration between Konstantinos and British composer Alex Mills, which was played by The Hermes Experiment at Wigmore Hall in 2021. 

Konstantinos has performed his poetry in the UK and Greece, including Kensington and Chelsea Art Week, European Poetry Festival, The Poetry Café, University of Brighton, Velorose Gallery and Lola Nikolaou Gallery. Original and translated work has appeared in magazines and anthologies around the world including Litmus, Perspektive, Носорог, Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins, 2015), Dichtung mit Biss (Freie Universität Berlin: Romiosini/ CeMoG, 2018) and Writing Utopia 2020 (Hesterglock Press, 2020).  

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