Konstantinos Papacharalampos works in poetry, performance, installation and regeneration, based in London. He is a published author in Greek, German, English and Russian. His work featured in Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins 2015), Dichtung mit Biss (Freie Universität Berlin: Romiosini/ CeMoG 2018) and Writing Utopia 2020 (Hesterglock Press 2020). His poems have appeared in several magazines including Litmus, Pamenar Press, Burning House Press, Perspektive, Petrichor, ΦΡΜΚ and Εντευκτήριο, amongst others. He has exhibited visual poetry at The Poetry Café (Covent Garden) and Action Field Kodra and performed in a number of venues and festivals in the UK and Greece, including Kensington and Chelsea Art Week, European Poetry Festival, The Poetry Café, University of Brighton, Velorose Gallery, Free Thinking Zone, Lola Nikolaou Gallery and Thessaloniki Book Fair. His book 3: Ανθρώπων Ιστορία (Κουκουνάρι 2018), the hybrid pop project about ego repetition in social media, was commended at the EBGE (Graphic Design & Illustration) 2019 Awards and exhibited at MOMus/ Museum of Contemporary Art. His original performance Odysseus, give me a like/Οδυσσέα, κάνε μου like premiered in 2019, commissioned by the 62nd Φεστιβάλ Φιλίππων/Philippi Festival, part of events dedicated to Homer’s Odyssey. His latest release is Exchange: a neo-futurist idiom mapping (Hesterglock Press 2020). Other books from Konstantinos include K - On (Εντευκτήριο 2011) and Είναι (ΦΡΜΚ 2015). He is also a member of the NeoptiCo Collectiv.