2019       Odysseus, give me a like/Οδυσσέα, κάνε μου like, commissioned by Φεστιβάλ Φιλίππων/Philippi Festival, Greece – an alternative,

               deconstructed 30-min performance version of the ancient Greek epic, searching for next door's Odysseus in the social media era

               and exploring an inner state of innocence, that premiered in the second oldest festival of the country, after that at Epidaurus; first                     performed at summer 2019, at the 62nd year of Φεστιβάλ Φιλίππων/Philippi Festival

2018       Samsara, commissioned by composer Alex Mills – a personal take on the cycle of rebirth, with bespoke lyrics and close collaboration                 with the UK based composer, creating a new 9-min piece which premiered by music group The Hermes Experiment at Café Oto,                       London