2021        Kinisis-AB, commissioned by MOMus - Πειραματικό Κέντρο Τεχνών / Experimental Center for the Arts and Goethe-Institut

                Thessaloniki as part of 'We Can't Do It Without Roses', a 3-day events programme dedicated to Joseph Beuys, celebrating 100

                years since his birth. Kinisis-AB is a ceremony of space and time with three key attributes: a) a movement from geographical location

                A to B, b) a narrative from time moment A to B, c) a relocation of the body and its hybrid language from history and ‘now’ towards

                the future. Performance Kinisis-AB is a live index-map that seeks human fulfillment through social and ecological assertions. The

                starting point of this performance is the Joseph Beuys view on the shamanistic ability of performance art and its role in politics and

                society. Total duration 45-min.

2021       The Shark/ Ο Πόρφυρας,  commissioned by Φεστιβάλ Φιλίππων/Philippi Festival, Greece. This performance explores our relationship

               with nature through language: the body, spoken words and thoughts, sounds, ceremonial materials and scents were all ways used to

               access ‘The Shark’, the poem of the grand and national Greek poet Dionysios Solomos. In the poem a young person is losing his life

               after a shark attack in 1847 (a real incident that occurred in 1847 in the Ionian Islands that deeply affected Solomos). This

               performance is a dialogue with the poem, including researched files from the ‘Ionian Islands Newspaper’, the Italian-written

               ‘narrative’ form of the poem (Solomos was writing in both Greek and Italian) and ‘versions’ of the published poem by Polylas, Alexiou

               and other researchers (as Solomos never released a final version of the poem himself). The performance also explores worlds of

               possibilities about the future, possibilities heard on stage, mapped with chalk and embodied: a world where mortality finally

               becomes a choice, a human spectrum of dystopia, utopia, creation, environmental destruction, new ways of eating and a different

               experience of time passing. Overall, this performance is an exploration of conciliation with the body. Total duration 45-min.

2019       Odysseus, give me a like/Οδυσσέα, κάνε μου like, commissioned by Φεστιβάλ Φιλίππων/Philippi Festival, Greece – an alternative,

               deconstructed 30-min performance version of the ancient Greek epic, searching for next door's Odysseus in the social media era

               and exploring an inner state of innocence, that premiered in the second oldest festival of the country, after that at Epidaurus; first                     performed at summer 2019, at the 62nd year of Φεστιβάλ Φιλίππων/Philippi Festival

2018       Samsara, commissioned by composer Alex Mills – a personal take on the cycle of rebirth, with bespoke lyrics and close collaboration                 with the UK based composer, creating a new 9-min piece which premiered by music group The Hermes Experiment at Café Oto,                       London