2020       Exchange: a neo-futurist idiom mapping (Hesterglock Press, UK) – a project about language, body and land transformation into                         neo-futurist DNA, exploring times where mortality of world citizens is radically replaced with help from surveying-based,                                     hybrid linguistics

2018       3: Ανθρώπων Ιστορία (English; 3: Humans' History/ Κουκουνάρι, Greece) – a hybrid pop project about ego repetition in social                             media; the book was highly commended at the EBGE (Graphic Design & Illustration) 2019 Awards and exhibited at MOMus/                               Museum of Contemporary Art

2015       Είναι (English; Is/ ΦΡΜΚ, Greece) – a meditation dot-based project exploring life and death happening simultaneously

2011       K – On (Εντευκτήριο, Greece) – an interactive project using topology and minimalism to facilitate new starts in a futuristic city


2020       Writing Utopia (Hesterglock Press, UK) [publication scheduled for June 2020] – edited by Sally-Shakti Willow & Sarer Scotthorne

2018       Dichtung mit Biss (Freie Universität Berlin: Romiosini/ CeMoG, Germany) – edited by Maria Topali and translated by Torsten Israel

2015       Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins, UK) – edited and translated by Theodoros Chiotis

2012       Τα ποιήματα του 2011 (Κοινωνία των (δε)κάτων, Greece) – edited by Kostas Kanavouris and Yorgos Blanas


2020       Checkmate, Burning House Press [link]

2019       3: Ανθρώπων Ιστορία (extract), Pamenar Press Magazine [link

2019       What?, Hocopor Magazine Nr 12 – a full chapter of 3: Ανθρώπων Ιστορία translated from Greek to Russian by Pavel Zarutskiy

2018       Hi Passenger, Burning House Press [link]

2018       3: Ανθρώπων Ιστορία (extract), Θράκα [link

2016       Το Μήλο Που Θα Φτάσεις/Η κατάφαση, Pollen/ issue 4 - poems translated from Greek to Russian by Pavel Zarutskiy

2015       (μόνο σαν έλλειψη), ΦΡΜΚ/ issue 5

2008       Χαρτόγραμμα, Εντευκτήριο/ issue 81 


2020       Interview with Vlad Savich/ Queen Mob's Teahouse [link]

2017       Neo-futurism in Poetry and the Global City as a Source of Inspiration/ Reading Greece [link]


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